Thursday, January 7, 2010

Traveling to Edisto Island, South Carolina Brings Back Memories

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Traveling to Edisto is always fun. My warmest feelings comes when I approach the main bridge on and off the Island and the smell and sight of marsh takes over my most pleasant memories. Edisto is located 45 miles south of Charleston. It is home to many generations and a great place to visit by others.

Scenic highway 174 with its moss covered trees is not the only place where one is in awe of moss draped trees forming an image of entering a tunnel with oaks as its walls. Palmetto Road was bigger than life back then. A grove of pecan trees with various species harvested in the evening after school by local African American children and de-heading large shrimp for wages remains many of our cherished treasures.

Edisto Island represents seafood and oyster roast give by a grand uncle; devil crabs and crab picking, fishing, shrimping done by an uncle, net making by relatives, doing domestic work to earn money for college and vegetable stands. The spirit of business ownership which started with an outdoor vegetables still lives on with our current college handbag shop. and more currently our Telecommunications, Technology, Energy Business.
There are stories yet to be told about Edisto Island. More than rice plantations, the boil weevil and cotton, the indigo plant and those who amased great wealth. We must include the school system that attempted to educate its residence the parents struggling to college educate their children, the social life and happiness of the less privileged.

Edisto Island, South Carolina; a wonderful place of calm, quiet and peaceful living.

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dgrier77 said...

Carolyn, thank you for your great description of Edisto Island. Besides the marshes, ocean, creeks, shrimp, crabs, it's the people who make the place!
Doug, an Edisto resident